The Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath and How To Fix it

As do humans, our furry friends also tend to release smells that are sometimes, forgivable. With the love we have for them, we overlook the many smelly surprises they give us without warning. However, what if these surprises is everlasting, we are talking about bad breath. We at Dog’s Stairs and Ramps not only care about your furry friends physical health, but also his mental, emotional, and overall hygiene. With that said, we are introducing a new segment all about your dogs hygiene and we will begin with, why your dog has bad breath!

Your dog’s bad breath can be the deciding factor between you allowing them to lick your hand and approach you, or keeping at a safe distance. It all began with one Cocker named Buddha, he was 13 and had been recently adopted by one of our Dog Stairs and Ramps followers. That day, his new foster parents sent in a question through the Ask The Team section and they asked why their dog had bad breath and how they can fix it. With that, we are more than glad to answer some safe solutions for Buddha and your dog’s overall hygiene.

Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Is your dog’s breath so bad that once they approach you, you have to back up or stop breathing? If so, there are many causes as to your dogs bad breath. Let us examine the most common:

  1. Gum Disease

Bad breath is the #1 sign of gum disease on a dog. Although it takes a while for it to build up, it happens if your dog was not given proper dental cleanings, teeth brushing, and dental hyguine preventative measures towards bad breath. With that said, gum disease is extremely dangerous and can lead to many other harmful effects such as inflammation and sicknesses. With that said, gum disease is nothing to joke about. These little disease-causing bacteria living and thriving inside your dog’s mouth can seriously harm your dog if not treated right away.

  1. Food

The food your dog is digesting may also be leading to your dogs bad breath. If your furry friend is often allergic to something, and he passes gas, chances are if you keep feeding him the same allergic food, it will manifest into bad breath. With that, a cause of bad breath can also be diabetes or oral tumors. This should be properly taken care of the moment you begin to notice there is something off about your furry buddy.

  1. Metabolic Disease

When there are abnormal levels of toxins in the blood, this can lead to different metabolic imbalances that can lead to metabolic diseases. These diseases can manifest themselves in ways such as bad breath. Kidney disease is the most common which can cause a sour-smelling breath.

The Top 5 Bad Dog Breath Removers

If your dog has come to the point where his breath is so stinky that you refrain from letting him kiss you or breath next to you, it is time for a bad breath cleaner. Of course, the best dog dental cleaning comes from your veterinarian. However, you can minimize the bad breath with these 5 4.5 to 5 star products.

    1. Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Treats

Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats are an incredibly beneficial way to get your dogs bad breath to minimize as well as prevent tartar buildup and enhance clean teeth. The Dentastix flavors range from fresh, bacon, beef, and original. Alongside this, there are numerous sizes of the Dentastix depending on your dog from small to large. The chewy texture scrapes away built up plaque and the chewing also helps to clean the hard to reach places for a fresher and nicer breath. With 4.5 stars and about 3k reviews, these have been known to work wonders.

    1. Greenies Dental Dog Treats

With almost 3k reviews, and 4.5 stars, GREENIES promotes a safe way for your dog to get fresher smelling breath. Greenies cleans down to the gum line, ensuring all the built up tartar is removed. The best part, which many dog lovers love is that Greenies is all natural, plus vitamins and minerals. All of this combine to make one product that will freshen your dogs breath with the first chew of the chewable brush-like treat.

    1. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

Earning the Seal of Acceptance from the VOHC, Milk-Bone Brushing Chews ensures that your dogs breath is always in proper standing! The design of this specially formulated treat is that of a dental twist bone, designed to clean the back teeth. The sides of the chew have ridges to reach the many hard to clean areas as well as contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals. The most prolific is calcium, to ensure strong bones and teeth. With 1.3k reviews and 4.5 stars, this trusted family company has earned the seal for a reason, their product works.

    1. Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Natural Dog Treats

If you are desiring an all-natural bad breath killer for your dog that also serves as a dog treat, Old Mother Hubbard offers a plethora of solutions and options for your dogs bad breath. With no preservatives and all natural ingredients such as carrots, apples, mint, and parsley, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving a natural and low fat treat that also aids in helping his bad breath. In addition to the many benefits, dogs of all kinds love Old Mother Hubbard’s specially formulated family recipe for deliciously tasty dog treats.

    1. ARK Naturals Products For Pets

These Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste Chewable are a fan-favorite innovation that were specially formulated for oral hygiene. With two layers, inside and out, these dog treats help reduce bad breath, stained teeth, and plaque. The outside layers have the fresh flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, and chlorophyll and the inside have ARK’s patented toothpaste that help reduce plaque, tartar, and years of bacterial growth. With that said, these dog treats are specially formulated for dogs with really strong teeth. Dog owners with older dogs are not adviced to give their dogs these treats due to the extremely hard texture. This 4.5 star product has been known to reduce bad breath in as little as a couple of days.

Enjoy Kisses In No Time

Now that we have dove into the world of bad dog breath, we recommend using any of the above 5 products to begin aiding the bad breath scent that is emanating from your dogs breath. You will be receiving minty fresh kisses in no time and to Buddha and the many dogs out there that have bad breath, we still love you!