Best Organic Dog Food Brands of 2017

When it comes to feeding your body the best food, without a doubt eating organic products can make all the difference in your energy level, body stamina, and overall livelihood. With that said, shouldn’t the same go for your furry children? Feeding your dog the healthiest possible food makes the difference between a lethargic and cranky dog to a healthy and happy dog. With this, we are excited to share with you the best organic dog food to feed your dog, all of which have gone through rigorous testing, according to the USDA.

In this article, we are eager to share with you important information about dog food including, what it really is, how it is regulated in the USA, and how it can benefit your dog in more way than commercial dog food brands, as well as how to decide on the best dog food for your canine buddy. Let us review, the top 6 best organic dog food brands.

The Truth About Dog Food

There has been a lot of insight into the potential harms of generic and unhealthy food consumed by humans. Through the many brands and people eager to spread the message of eating healthy, humans have become more aware about the many harmful chemicals inside their food. These chemicals range from artificial colors and ingredients to fillers and preservatives. Let’s not even talk about corn-everything (corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, etc.). However, the same intensive testing and insight has not been applied to dog food until recently. If these chemicals incorporated into human food is quite harmful, then the same can be said if it is incorporated into dog food. These harmful chemicals have been proven to be harmful to cats and dogs with the effects of allergies, unhealthy weight gain, and more. With that, let’s dive into why organic food is the ideal choice.

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Why Organic Dog Food Is Best

It has been summarized by unbiased vets, experts, and consumers that some, not all, dog food brands include extremely poor-quality ingredients. The reason for this is – by offering low quality ingredients, dog food brands can charge less for their products, resulting in less money being paid by the consumer. However, consumers are becoming knowledgeable enough to know that what once was “Okay” food for their dog, is no longer the case. Consumers are ready to spend a little bit more to ensure the longevity, health, and positive being of their furry friends.

Sadly, poor quality ingredients in dog food will have negative impacts over time on the dog’s health. With that said, the money the consumer saves by buying cheap dog food is later passed to pet care due to the negative results of unhealthy dog food. At times, the pet care service is often more expensive than the savings of buying cheaper dog food.

Since buyers are becoming more keen to checking the food label on pet food, pet food labeling requirements and regulations have gotten better and more strict over the years. Yet, even with the involvement of CVM, FDA, ASPCA, and USDA, there is still somewhat of a grey area that confuses pet owners about dog food, according to Harvard University. With that said, strict requirements for dog food brands are even more enforced when a brand happens to be “organic”. However, do not be fooled by the “organic” label, not all dog food brands are 100% organic. Yet, it is still a step towards the future of healthy living for all animals.

What Is “Organic” Anyway?

According to Vets at Veterinary Medical Center in OSU, “[organic] refers to the way ingredients are grown, harvested, and processed. The USDA has yet to define “organic” as it applied to pet foods. In the interim, pet foods meeting the human standard may display the organic seal.”

However, just because a company says they are 100% organic, it is not always the case or at times, has not even been USDA certified. The best way to surely find a definitive answer on whether a company is organic is to do your research and most importantly, find out how the company operates and what ingredients they use.

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With this in mind, another phenomenal method to finding out whether a certain brand is organic or not is to speak with a canine nutritionist or veterinarian. Vet’s will bring some helpful insight into specific ingredients and brands that otherwise, you may overlook. Overall, “organic” is better than generic, and even though the price tag will be more expensive, in the long run, the benefits are abound. Through proper research, you can find the best dog food brand for your specific dog. With that, let’s get to the top best organic dog food brands that are USDA certified.

Top 5 Dog Food Brands With USDA Organic Ingredients

  1. Organix Adult Dry Dog Food by Castor & Pollux

Rating: 5 Star
Variety: Grain-Free
Organic Ingredient Count: 12
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When you want to give your dog the best, you go with Organix. Real chicken is the main ingredient alongside other high-quality ingredients that pet owners can trust. The ingredients include all organic flaxseed, fruits and vegetables, and even organic quinoa. Caston & Pollux recommend that consumers slowly transition their dogs from regular food to their brand due to the possibility of digestive issues. Just like humans, when dogs begin to eat healthier their digestive system will clean out any bad bacteria and natural adjust their body. With this you can be guaranteed that your dog will benefit from:

  • More energy
  • Healthier coat
  • Shinier hair
  • Less digestive issues
  • More consistent bowel movements
  • Healthier skin


  • Real organic chicken
  • Organic ingredients including fruits and vegetables
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified under the USDA’s National Organic Program


  • Original family company was sold to a larger corporation, which can be concerning due to the changes that larger companies tend to make to family owned businesses
  • Certain dogs will not like the flavor according to consumers


  1. Vegetarian Dry Dog Food by PetGuard

Rating: 4.5 Star
Variety: Balanced
Organic Ingredient Count: 14
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PetGuard is known in the animal industry as one of the most efficient and trustworthy brands. With that said, it is no doubt that their dog food is USDA Certified Organic and has been awarded by consumers as one of the best. Free of wheat, corn, soy, and byproducts, as well as chemicals and fillers, Pet Guard is an ideal choice if you want to transition your dog from conventional dog food to organic. This dog food, particularly has no antibiotics or hormones. However, thanks to the leading ingredients, quinoa, even though it is vegetarian your dog will receive his or hers daily protein intake. Consumers report that dogs love the flavor and even though it is for a specific group of dogs and dog owners, this vegetarian option will help your dog benefit from the following:

  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Shiny Coat and Healthy Skin
  • Wholesome Organic Grains
  • More energy


  • Vegetarian
  • Free of byproducts, chemicals, fillers, corn, soy, and wheat
  • Provides Omega 3 and 6.
  • Plenty of organic grains and fruits and vegetables.
  • USDA Certified Organic


  • The fact that it is vegetarian, not all dogs will enjoy the “non-meat” flavor.
  1. Organics Chicken Grain-Free Food For Dogs by Newman’s Own

Rating: 4.5 Star
Variety: Grain-Free
Organic Ingredient Count: 3
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With the many flavorful options, even the most picky dogs will lick their bowl clean. You can feed your dog a variety including; liver, liver and turkey, beef and liver, chicken and liver, turkey alone, or chicken alone. With that in mind, this is a protein packed option that is extremely healthy, USDA certified, and formulated to the Association of American Feed Control Official’s nutrient profile. Essentially, every can offers the needed nutrients for healthy living. With no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, this is a phenomenal option for dogs with sensitive tummy’s or digestive issues. With no fillers, it is easy to digest, however, some dogs may have looser stool. It has been recommended by consumers that new dog owners starting out to feed their dog organic products should start slowly. With this your dog will benefit from:

  • A healthy diet.
  • Easy to digest meal.
  • Organic
  • USDA certified Organic
  • Healthier coat, skin, and body.
  • More energy
  • Maintains body weight


  • Grain Free and Certified
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Available in a variety of flavors


  • Some dogs may have loose stool
  • The smell may be too strong for certain dog owners to handle
  1. Real Meat Organic Dog Food by True Dog


Rating: 4.5 Star
Variety: Dehydrated, Raw
Organic Ingredient Count: 9
Deals: Check Out Amazon

Although there is an occasional dog that may not like this type of dog food, True Dog’s Real Meat Organic Dog Food is a consumer favorite. Consumers have noticed major differences in their dog within weeks. The reasn for this is because this “superfood” has no grains, gluten, additives, fillers, or chemicals. With 99% real meat and meaty bone, this freeze dried dog food only requires that you add a little bit of water before serving it to your furry friend. With this your dog will benefit from:

  • Increased energy.
  • Organic ingredients.
  • Healthier coat and digestive system.


  • Grain, gluten, and chemical free
  • 99% real meat
  • All-natural


  • More expensive compared to other dog foods.
  • Certain pets will not enjoy this.
  1. Organix Adult Wet Formula by Caston & Pollux

Rating: 4.5 Star
Variety: Balanced
Organic Ingredient Count: 10
Deals: Check Out Amazon

This brand of organic dog food can surely be named one of the best! USDA Certified Organic, and made in the USA, with Organix you can rest assured you are feeding your beloved animal the best dog food there is. This canned dog food, although soft, is 100% organic and is one of the most nutritious dog foods in the market. With no chemicals, added growth hormones, or artificial flavors, any dog will thoroughly enjoy the indulgent flavors of turkey, carrots, and potatoes. Although it is a canned wet dog food, many consumers have reported it smells more pleasant than many other wet dog foods. With an extensive palate of vitamins and minerals your dog will benefit from:

  • Healthy and regular bowl movements.
  • 100% organic
  • Shinier and healthier coat.
  • More energy.
  • Healthier digestion.


  • Trusted Company
  • Made in the USA
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Includes Vitamins and Minerals
  • No chemicals or added hormones


  • Customers have mentioned they do not like that it is a puree
  • Softer stool for certain dogs

Is Organic Better?

When it comes to feeding your body the healthiest food, wouldn’t you say organic is better? The results of preservatives, chemicals, fillers, added fake sugars, and many other harmful ingredients can result is serious health complications. With that said, the same goes for your dog! With these top 5 brands, you know you are feeding your dog some of the healthiest available options right now on the market. With a USDA Certified badge and delicious taste, how could you go wrong? Your dog will be barking “thank you” in no time!