Best Christmas Gifts For Your Dogs in 2017

The holiday season is fast approaching and you can smell the ginger bread cookies and heard the ring of jingle bells. We are more than certain, that your furry friends are eagerly awaiting the holiday season as well. If you think your dog can’t tell the difference between the holidays and other times of the year, you are sadly mistaken. I mean, look at how quick his tail wags when you begin to wrap presents, bake cookies, or decorate around the home. Therefore, can you imagine how sad he will be to find out there are no presents for him or her under the Christmas Tree. With that said, we can save you from your dog’s poor heartache. We are eager and excited to bring to you the 2017 Christmas Guide for your furry pal. Let’s take a look at the best Christmas Gifts For Your Dogs this holiday season.

  1. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit


If you have a furry friend that is extremely furry, this holiday season gift your dog the gift of looking dapper. With this 16pc or 17pc grooming set, you will have everything you need to give your dog one good haircut. Your dog will love to look his or her best during the holiday season and you will thoroughly love not having to spend hundreds of dollars to groom your furry friend. The user ability is easy, simple, and offers a plethora of options for both fine to medium coats. With that said, the features include:

  • Super Shunt Motor for Increased Power
  • 7200 Strokes Per Minute
  • Profesional High Performance Steel Blades
  • Easily Trims and Clips medium and fine coats
  • Bonus Instructional DVD
  • Grooming Apron
  • 16 Pieces
  • 8 Foot Cord
  • 30% More Powerful than other Animal Groomin Kits
  • High Grade Steel

Perfect For: Fine to Medium Coat Dog Breeds
Examples: Labrador, Cavalier, Shih Tzu, Spaniel, Maltese

With over 2.5k reviews, this Grooming Kit is the perfect gift for your furry friend and you. Most importantly, it will create a bond between you and your dog as your dog trusts you and not a complete stranger.

  1. Bake-A-Bone The Original Dog Treat Maker

If you want to gift your dog the Christmas Gift that never ends, this dog treat maker is the essential gift for your furry friend. Without a doubt you are combining two of a dogs favorite things; treats and you! Your best friend will be delighted as you come up with unique treat ideas that will delight and excite your furry friend. Become your dogs personal treat chef with this original dog treat maker. The benefits of this Christmas gift for your dog includes:

  • All Natural
  • Preservative Free
  • Organic and gluten free recipes
  • Treats in minutes
  • You pick the ingredients you feed your dog.
  • Perfect for all dog sizes.

Without a doubt this unique Christmas gift for your dog will keep your best friend tame, doing tricks, and on his or her best behavior! Enjoy the gift that keeps on giving!

  1. Pet Stairs

Is your dog having problems getting up on your high bed? Are you wanting a more convenient way to bring your dog up for cuddles without having to carry him or her. Then this Christmas, gift your dog the gift that happens to be our fan favorite! Gifting your dog pet stairs is gifting him or her the convenience to climb up on his most favorite places that are also hard to reach. With that said, there are a plethora of options of pet stairs for dogs of all different sizes. You can either decide between a 2-step pet stair or a 3-step pet stair. With that said, the benefit of a pet stairs are as follows:

  • Convenience and making it easy for your dog to climb onto high places.
  • Reduces risk of injuries that come from climbing or stretching to reach high places.
  • Making it easy for you if the dog happens to be heavy.

Pet stairs are the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season for your dog. We recommend these top 3 pet stairs:

Pet Gear easy Step 2 Pet Stairs:

  • Wider and deeper stair landings for small and large dogs
  • Carpet tread is easy to remove
  • Snaps together easily
  • No tools required
  • Trusted company
  • 3k reviews: 4.5 stars

Petsfit Wooden Pet/Cat/Dog Stairs/Steps

  • Perfect for helping old pets up to 150lbs
  • Attractive look
  • Safety Side rails
  • Wider and deeper stair landings
  • Good for dogs with short legs and long body

Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S Foam Pet Stairs

  • Available in 3 options
  • 15” and an anti-slip bottom
  • Removable ultra-soft fleece
  • Great traction to climb up and down
  • Blends in beautifully
  • High quality foam
  1. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

What if you could travel, be away from your dog at work, dispense treats, and capture every moment all at the same time. Now there is a way for you to still be a part of your dog’s daily activities, even while you are away from home. With Pawbo you can have quality time with your dog over a built-in camera and microphone as well as capture every precious moment on your mobile device. Pawbo’s impressive build quality provides a high-quality approach to a better visual experience with your pet, even if you are away from home. With Pawbo you will never be worried of your dog or cat having separation anxiety. Improve your pet’s sense of happiness through a wireless visual and auditable experience. The many features of Pawbo include:

  • HD Live Streaming directly to your cellphone through Wi-fi
  • 720p HD and 4x Digital Zoom
  • Two-way talk with video chat and the touch of the Pawbo Life app.
  • Play and interact with your pet manually or automatically, you pick!
  • Give your pet a treat with the automatic treat dispense.
  • Snap every cute moment and share it instantly on social media.
  • Record videos and store them as you wish.
  • Get your pets attention with ringtone notifications.
  • Combine with Pawbo Theme Park Accessories

With this life enhancing gift, you can gift your dog the gift of never leaving your side, even while you are away. As some pets can feel lonely, with Pawbo Life you can see, talk, treat, and play with your furry best friend. With the accompanying ability of all Pawbo Theme Park Accessories, you can enhance the way you and your pet interact, further enhancing the bond between you both.

  1. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge

If this holiday season you want to gift your dog the gift of premium relaxation, this lounge bed made of solid memory foam will make your dog never want to leave. Improve the health, mobility, and energy of your furry friend with this superiorly comfortable bed. This memory foam bed with replacement covers can compete with the comfortability of many human beds. With 1.4k reviews all equaling 4.5 stars there are many reasons this bed is making its way into the homes of many dog owners and into the hearts of many dogs themselves. The many features include:

  • Solid 4 Inch Memory Foam Bed

This benefits the dog greatly by providing overall comfort to reduce joint pain, improve health, mobility, and energy.

  • Recycled Green Polyfill Support Bolsters
  • Smart Design for optimal support and comfort.
  • Water Resistant Cover
  • Non-Skid Bottom
  • Blends in seamlessly
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Assemble.

With that said, this extremely high-quality dog bed is made with dog’s health at the forefront. They are available in multiple sizes and colors and have become notably prized among many well-renowned magazines and shows such as Martha Stewart Living and GQ Magazine. Gift your dog this holiday season the gift of well-being and pure relaxation, knowing that your dog is not only receiving superior comfort, but he will not be in pain when he gets up.

  1. Wheat-Free Puppy Cake

At 4.5 out of 5 stars and with close to 1k reviews, this puppy cake is one of the best Christmas gifts you can gift your dog this holiday season. This delicious cake mix is easy to bake, hassle-free, and comes with all ingredients needed to make your dog a delicious treat. Just add water to the frosting and this delicious treat will have you dog coming back for more.

As seen on Shark Tank, this puppy cake product is the fastest selling and is made from all-natural ingredients made in the USA. If you want to gift your dog the gift of a homemade delicious treat that is healthy, all-natural, and trusted, give them Cake Mix from Puppy Cake.

Accompany this gift with the full party supply bundle:

  1. H2O4K9 – Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

This 25 Ounce Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl is the essential and convenient method to give your dog water while you are out and about. The specifically designed lid serves the purpose of a water bowl to make it easy for your dog to drink water. The standard-size bottle fits most cup holders and bottle compartments, making it easy for your to take it anywhere. Never worry about your precious furry friend being thirsty. With the H2O4K9 water bottle and bowl you can store cold water and give it to your dog with a twist of the lid. Many benefits include:

  • Made for dog’s of all sizes and ages.
  • Twist top lid doubles as a bowl.
  • Designed for daily use.
  • Built with human grade materials.
  • Variety of colors and shapes.
  • Portable and standard size bottle.
  • BPA-Free lid and food-grade stainless steel bottle.
  • Recyclable container.
  • 100% Recyclable

With the H2O4K9 Water Bottle and Bowl you not only eliminate the chances of much of the water being spilled on the floor as you try to feed it to your dog, you also eliminate plastic bottles ending up in landfills. With this durable, stylish, and reusable bottle, your dog can drink safely.

  1. Allisandro Flannel Fleece Dog Throw

This holiday season gift your dog the gift of comfort and relaxation. This 5-star dog throw is beautiful for the human eye and comfortable for dog’s skin. The material is of quality, super soft, and comfortable for both dogs and humans. Most importantly, the build complies with strict international safety standards, is 100% washable, and holds shape after each wash. The design is cute paw prints, and comes in both beige and grey.

If you desire to gift your dog comfort while also keeping footprints, hair, and scratches at bay, the flannel fleece dog throw is the essential Christmas gift for both your dog and you.

  1. Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp

If dog stairs are not the perfect fit for your dog and family, this holiday season you can gift your furry friend a dog ramp. The difference between dog stairs and ramps is that for older dogs, dogs with joint pain, or dogs with very small legs, dog ramps make it much easier for the dog to access high above places. With that in mind, this dog ramp from pet gear is a fan favorite among dog owners due to the easy accessibility it gives your dog. Alongside this, it also makes it easier for the dog owner, especially if the dog is a bit heavy and/or of special needs.

The dog ramps come in specific builds depending on the dog size and weight. Whether you chose a slip resistant or carpeted dog ramp, the many benefits are as follows:

  • Pressure activated grip to easily grip into mat
  • Patented free-standing design
  • Ramp supports itself
  • Does not need to rest on other items such as furniture or vehicle
  • Ramp easily folds for compact storage

Chose between:

  1. Carpeted – Up to 300 lbs
  2. Carpeted – Up To 350 lbs
  3. Slip Resistant – Up to 300 lbs
  4. SupertraX – Up to 200 lbs

Do Not Leave Your Furry Friend Out Of The Festivities

As you celebrate the holiday season with your family and friend, your dog is going to want to be part of the action, fun and enjoyment. Therefore, a Christmas gift for your dog is another way to say, “I love you” and we are glad that Dog Stairs and Ramps was able to share with you out 2017 Christmas Gifts For Dogs Guide. We hope you enjoyed this paw-some treats and let us know, which of these special finds will be the one that makes it under your Christmas tree. Don’t let your dog find it!