The Best 5 Tips for Easier and Stress-Free Leash Walking

For millions of dog-owners, walking their dog has become a chore. Why? People struggle to train their dog the art of stress-free leash walking. These dog owners dread the time of the day when it’s time to take their dog for a leash walk. In fact, if you ask a dog owner about their dog’s leash manners, you might be surprised to hear the majority of people complain, moan, and groan about how awful their dog is. However, at Dog Stairs and Ramps, we are here to tell you it does not need to be this way. Actually, any dog can be trained to respect their owner and how to walk without a leash. This does not mean that we agree with that, just that through proper training, it is doable. Without further ado, here are our 5 best tips for easier and stress-free leash walking.

1. Type of Leash


To many dog owners surprise, the type of leash that you use significantly effects the entire walking experience. With that being said, at Dog Stairs and Ramps, we believe that owners should stop using retractable leashes. Reason being, do you really think your dog has any sense of measurement? The reality is, even adults struggle with understanding measurement! A dog cannot understand the difference between 3 feet and 25 feet. On top of this, given the flexibility of these leashes, they can actually be riskier than owners are thinking. If a dog is nearly 10-20 feet away on a retractable leash and runs after a leaf, the owner can potentially fall, hurt themselves, and the dog can be at risk as well.

2. Consistency


Our next tip for dog owners to have an easier and stress-free leash walking experience is to be consistent when leash walking your dog. It’s of utter importance to always use the same exact leash when walking with your dog. When you do this, your dog will learn and associate with that leash. With a standard 6-10-foot leash, your dog will understand it’s range and will quickly become accustomed. This will make leash walking easier for your dog, and you.

3. How You Stress Yourself


Often times, leash walking can be extremely stressful not because of the dog, but because a dog owner stresses themselves out without even knowing it. It seems to be a standard for dog owners to walk their dogs and warp the leash around their wrist. This is a HUGE no-no. When you do this, you are actually risking your wrist. To prevent any stress on yourself when walking your dog, stop tying and wrapping the leash around your wrist.

4. How to Hold a Leash


At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we believe there are proper ways and improper ways to hold a leash. As we mentioned in our last tip, many dog owners are causing themselves unnecessary stress based on how they are holding the leash. With that being said, we believe you should place your thumb within the loop of the leash. From there, you can easily hold the leash with your right hand, demonstrating control while leash walking.

5. Treats


Our last tip for successful, easy, and stress-free leash walking is to bring treats along for the walk. Now, you should never have the treats available or out in the open for the dog. We highly suggest holding the treats in your left hand, while the dog’s leash is in your right-hand. Not only can you quickly reward your dog for behaving properly, you also have better control and set the best possible example for your dog.

Dog Training with Ease at Dog Stairs and Ramps

If you are wondering why a dog misbehaves, it could be lacking the bond and connection with its owner, which begins with training and leash walking. Training your new dog can be stressful or frustrating if you are not prepared for the process. At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we firmly believe this process should be fun and exciting. If you are looking for more tips and tricks on training your dog, please take the time to subscribe to Dog Stairs and Ramps and you will receive a FREE copy of our training guide.

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