5 Reasons To Buy Ridiculously Adorable Dog Pajamas

Does your dog really truly need dog pajamas? Yes! Yes they do! I guess we could say no.  We could talk about why they have all that fur and whatnot and blah, blah blah….

…But let’s go with “Yes, your dog definitely needs pajamas!” instead because, why not? I mean, aren’t we all dog-obsessed here? There’s no use in trying to hide, or deny it.

So, without further ado, please enjoy Dog Stairs and Ramps 5 Reasons to Buy Your Pup Pajamas:

5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Dog Pajamas from Dog Stairs and Ramps

1. Older Dogs Need Dog Pajamas Because They Get Cold More Easily

If you have any older or “senior” dog, (i.e. one who needs dog steps to get up on the bed), then chances are they need more than just a cozy bed and coat of fur to keep them warm enough.

Help your baby keep the chill away with fleece or cotton pajamas while out on a walk or simply just lounging around at home. Their old bones will thank you!

2. Your Neighbor’s Dog Has Pajamas

Now, we aren’t advocating that you worry about trying to keep up with the Jones’, but the fact of the matter is: everybody’s doing it!

One day, you’re going to take a stroll down memory lane and wish you had some adorable photos of your pup in pajamas. Sure, it’s cute to see dogs in pajamas, but it’s way cuter to see your dog in pajamas, right? Right!

Some people buy wedding dresses for their daughters. But you? Be different! Buy pajamas for your dog. It’s the same thing really—just a different form of taking care of the ones we love!

3. Dog Pajamas Help Keep Shedding To A Minimum

Dog pajamas will help stop your dog from spreading their shed hair and dandruff everywhere. This is especially useful if you want your dog to sleep on the bed with you, but you don’t want to wake up with dog hair all over you or your pillow.

Not only is dog hair is difficult to clean up, but along with dandruff can be unsanitary and can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat.

Dog pajamas help keep hair and dandruff at bay, and help encourage even more happy snuggling!

4. Thermal Dog Pajamas Are Great For The Outdoors

I realize that not all of us enjoy the outdoors, but if you are a camper, cold camp nights call for thermal dog pajamas! I mean, you pack extra layers of clothes and long underwear so why shouldn’t your dog also be ready for cold or unexpected inclement weather?

Whether your dog has short or long hair, they will appreciate the extra warmth during those cold nights on your camping trips, and you will appreciate the extra cuteness.

5. Dogs Are Just Freaking Irresistible in Pajamas

Life is short. You might as well fill yours with as much adorable cuteness as you can possibly stand. After all, it’s the simple things in life that count the most. Like going gah-gah over your dog living it up in pajamas.

3 Things To Consider When Buying Dog Pajamas from Dog Stairs and Ramps

1. Fit

If the fit is too tight, not only will it bother your dog, but it will also constrict their ability to move freely. Conversely, a fit that is too loose can also irritate your dog, especially if they are stepping on and tripping over sleeves that are too long!To ensure ordering the best fitting pair of pajamas online for the first time, try using a tape measure to get accurate length and width measurements of your dog.

2. Pattern

When choosing a patter for your dog’s pajamas, consider your his/her personality. Does the color and pattern work with your dog’s fur? Is your dog more of a sugar and sweet donut kind of pup, or a tough and sassy skull candy type?

Also, consider the season and the weather! Light, breathable cotton for warmer nights, and heavier fleece, wool, or thermal for when the weather turns cold. There’s something for every dog when it comes to pajamas. You can even find special birthday pajamas!

3. Fastners

Ok, so at some point your dog is going to want do his or her, you know, “business.” Some dog pajama companies cut out the crotch, making it easy to let your dog outside. Other companies get clever with buttons and fasteners that you can easily undo as you send your pup off to “potty.”

Still, some pajamas will be ridiculously adorable, but will require you to completely undress your pup if nature calls. Our verdict? Still totally worth it!

Where Do I Find Dog Pajamas?

We recommend the following dog pajama companies.  These companies make it easy for you to order with confidence and to ensure you get the perfect size for your pooch the first time:


FouFou Dog



Other Pet Accessories For A Good Night’s Sleep

Pet Stairs And Ramps

Pet stairs for dogs are a must, especially if your dog is small, aging, or struggling to get up on the bed. You can’t dress them up all cozy and adorable in pajamas and not give them the ability to curl up on the bed for sweet doggie dreams!

Investing in the perfect dog stairs for your large dog, or small dog, or elderly pet will go a long way towards ensuring both their health and comfort.

Dog Slippers

Maybe not for sleeping in, but definitely for lounging! Dog slippers really complete the pj ensemble. And, they offer excellent traction on slippery floors. Your dog will look really cute mokeying around in these cute slippers.

Conclusion by Dog Stairs and Ramps

With a snuggly pair of pajamas, pet steps to reach the bed, and a stylish pair of slippers, your dog will be as snug as a pug on a rug. Trust us, bedtime will never again be the same!

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