7 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Our furry friends are certainly the most loyal, leaving, and caring of friends we can have. However, the idea of adopting or caring for a senior dog is less tempting then adopting or purchasing a puppy. It seems that when most families think about adding a furry friend to the household, they only think about a puppy. However, a senior dog still has plenty of livelihood left, that is many times overlooked. With that said, as dog lovers, we believe all dogs deserve a second, third, or fourth chance at a furr-ever home, including senior dogs. When adopting a dog, consider these many reasons as to why a senior dog makes the perfect companion.

  1. You May Be His Last Chance

You taking the opportunity to adopt a senior dog may certainly change his life, if not save it completely. The reason for this is that older dogs are often overlooked once they have passed the age of 5. With that, many older dogs are euthanized due to how overcrowded dog shelters become. Many people tend to lean towards younger dogs or puppies. However, older dogs offer the same amount of love, and are only seeking the same in return. By adopting an older dog, you may just be saving his life.

  1. Senior Dogs Need A Home Too

Just like puppies and younger dogs, senior dog make extremely loving companions. With that, there extensive time bonding with a human already makes them prepared for another human that will love him or her in return. However, many people only considering giving a furr-ever home to a puppy. Senior dogs need a home too!

  1. Older Dogs Usually Are Trained

Although training your dog to use the bathroom outside is a bonding experience, it can be extremely stressful, tedious, and overall, hard. With that, senior dogs tend to already be trained on using the bathroom outside. Even though you do not get to bond with your senior dog on that aspect, you are also enjoying the benefits of no stains or accidents on your furniture, upholstery, or carpet.

  1. They Understand Commands

Older dogs tend to already know the tricks of the trade. Essentially, older dogs already know at least the basic commands of a household such as sit, paw, and stop. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy the benefits of the commands, then the stressful time of teaching them to your new furry friend. Senior dogs, with that, also understand basic gestures, mannerism, and emotions.

  1. Older Dogs Are More Calm

Although puppies are extremely cute and fun to play with, they can be a hassle. If you have a fulltime job, having a puppy will require a large amount of your time. You will need to train it to behave, socialize, sit, and many other aspects that can make them the ideal companion in your home. Therefore, olders dogs may be the solution. They are calm, more relaxed, and most of the time already have a routine that can easily match yours.

  1. Older Dogs Make Instant Companions

Unlike a puppy, which requires socializing, an older dog is ready top accompany you wherever you are and on whatever adventure you embark upon. The reason for this is dogs, later in life, are seeking for their lifelong best friend, you. An older dog is simply looking for one more chance at a genuine connection between dog and human.

  1. You Can Teach An Older Dog New Tricks

Although the infamous quote, “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is used to describe the lack of willpower for change in almost any circumstance, teaching an actual dog new tricks is not one of these. In fact, since the attention span of an older dog is much longer than a puppy, you have a longer window of time to teach him new tricks and chances are, he will understand them much quicker than a puppy.

Adopt A Senior Dog

Adopting a senior dog can be one of the greatest opportunity of companionship for both you and the dog. A senior dog, according to most veterinarians, falls into the senior category around age seven. However, smaller dogs tend to age much slower and they fall under a different age.

Now, adopting a senior dog may be somewhat scary due to the age. However, it is important to appreciate your furry friend, no matter the age, for what they have given you and are giving you (companionship, love, loyalty), compared to how much time they have left. With that, it is always extremely important to take your senior dogs health and habits into consideration.

When caring about health, foods with healthy ingredients, frequent bathroom visits, and products that make the dogs life much easier should be added to their every day routine. One of these exceptional products that is phenomenal for small dogs and senior dogs is a dog stair or a dog ramp. With dog stairs or dog ramps you are making your dogs accessibility much easier. They can get on the car, furniture, bed, and any high to reach area without straining their joints, beck, neck, or legs.

The #1 Best Dog Stairs and Ramps For Your Senior Dog

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Age Is Nothing But A Number

When it comes to all animals, especially dogs, we ate Dog Stairs and Ramps believe age is nothing but a number. The loyalty, love, and affection you receive from a senior dog is as equally great, if not more than that of a puppy. You may be a senior dogs chance at a furr-ever home.