About Me

Hey guys!  My name is Greg….

I am a 40-something business professional and father of two.  I am also the father of two beautiful “fur children,” and I created this website for people just like me, who are looking to find the perfect set of stairs or ramp for their beloved pets!

After spending countless dollars on cheap, wobbly, and poorly made products, and then spending countless hours researching different pet stairs and ramp options, I finally found the perfect one for Khalesi and Cersei.

Yes, we are hug fans of Game of Thrones and these are our two queens!

pet steps and ramps

Although larger pets don’t typically have as hard of a time jumping on and off of beds, couches, sofas, etc. I do worry about soft tissue damage, and damage to their shoulders and necks.

Although my dogs are young, very muscular, and athletic, I do not want to see them get hurt, and it’s just a matter of time before their youthful energy begins to dissipate.

I’d like to keep them young, healthy and arthritis free for as long as I possibly can.

It did take some getting used to and many, many treats to get them trained to use the steps, but now they won’t get down off of the bed without them.

I know the price may scare you a little bit.  I know it scared me, but please, trust me!

It’s totally worth it, and you can thank me in a comment later!

==> Click here and order yours today! <==

Best wishes, and remember, take care of those good puppy dogs!