7 Signs Your Dog Is Extremely Bored

Have you ever wondered why your dog is acting up, destroying furniture or constantly barking? Perhaps your dog is bored and you don’t even know it. Sadly, millions dog owners don’t understand the times their dog is communicating with them, informing them of their boredom. At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we believe it’s important for dog owners to be aware of these moments and find ways to accommodate for their dog. Today, we are going to share our list of 7 different signs that your dog is extremely bored.

The 7 Signs from Dog Stairs and Ramps

  1. Destroyer


Sometimes, dog owners will leave their dog at home when it’s a shopping day. The moment they return, they find toys, clothes, shoes, and even pieces of a couch destroyed. If you are curious about whether your dog is bored or not, this is one major indicator. However, it’s important to never punish your dog for simply being bored. The reality is, as we discussed before, your dog ripped apart those shoes because they were seeking mental or physical stimulation. If you want to prevent anymore valuables being destroyed, you might want to begin incorporating different mental and physical stimulation techniques while you are shopping.

  1. Stealer


Sometimes, the greatest thief in the household is your dog. Have you ever placed your keys down in one location only to find them hidden in your dog’s crate? Now, this is no game of hide and go seek – this is a pure sign of boredom. In a dog’s eyes, they are merely trying to stimulate their bored mind and body by playing with what appears to be a fun toy. If a dog’s mind is not occupied, you can guarantee that they will find different toys of yours to stimulate their mind.

  1. Jumper


We all know that dogs enjoy jumping. However, there is a point when jumping is no longer jumping, but more of an attempt to get your attention. Sadly, since the dog’s words cannot be heard by a human, dog owners shun the dog and shoo them away. What dog owners don’t know is that a dog that is begging for attention is clearly bored. Instead of punishing them, engage with your dog and give them the attention. Otherwise, you might have some missing keys or maybe torn-up shoes.

  1. Barker


Does your dog bark constantly and you have no idea why? Chances are, they are not seeing shadows or hearing anything: they are simply bored! Let’s be honest, if you were in a room alone with nothing to play with, would you strike up a conversation with the walls or yourself? This is exactly how a dog is thinking and feeling. With that being said, it’s important to never punish or get upset at your dog for barking. At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we believe the goal is to communicate back to your dog love and playfulness.

  1. Biter


One of the biggest misperceived dog actions is nipping and biting. Many dog owners believe that a dog that is biting or nipping is a poorly behaved and trained dog. To their surprise, it has nothing to do with behavior or training! A dog that nips or bites is simply bored! Many times, a dog is trying to tease you or “egg you on”. Through nipping, your dog is hoping that you will play with them. So, instead of punishing your dog for being bored, perhaps you should play a bit more with them and see what happens.

  1. Digger


Are you guilty of putting your dog outside in hopes of entertaining them? Well, let’s take a minute and put you in the place of your dog. Can you even imagine being placed on a leash outside for hours upon hours? Do you know what type of entertainment there is for a dog? Digging! Digging is merely like checking social media or reading a great George RR Martin novel. Instead of trying to put your dog outside to entertain them, play with your dog and you can guarantee he will stop digging.

  1. Escaper


Has your dog ever tried to escape before? Chances are, if your dog has planned an escape, they are bored! Many times, a dog that has been placed outside for hours every single day will reach a state of boredom where they want to leave. We believe that if your dog is demonstrating signs of digging, hanging out near the fence, or tugging at the leash, it’s time to find new ways of engaging and playing with your dog. Clearly, your dog is seeking some form of stimulation.

Boredom Can Lead to Dangerous Consequences

At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we want all dog owners to know that boredom can lead to dangerous consequences. Many of the stories that people read or hear in the news about dogs are mostly from bored dogs. With that being said, if your dog is exhibiting any common signs of boredom, find new ways to mentally and physically stimulate it. Not only is your furniture and home at risk, so is your dog’s life.