The 6 Most Dangerous Household Objects to Dogs

Did you know that the most dangerous and risky items that pose a threat to your dog’s life are actually located inside your home? More often than you might think, many dog owners don’t realize the true dangers of certain household objects.

Today, we are going to provide you with a few of the most dangerous household objects that pose the greatest threat to your dog.  While this does does not mean you have to get rid of them; however, it means you should at least be aware of them and do your best to place them in a safe location away from your dog. 

Top 6 Most Dangerous Household Objects

  1. Wrong Sized Toys


The single greatest threat to a dog that exists inside the home is wrong sized toys, more specifically, wrong sized balls. As you know, dog’s love their toys and will play with them to the bitter end.  For example, have you ever seen a dog completely destroy a tennis ball?

The truth is, balls are incredibly dangerous to larger dogs. This is why it’s so important to make sure you are buying toys that are appropriate for your dog’s size. It may sound like common sense; however, each year there are far too many horror stories of dog’s choking on toys too small for them.

To prevent any dangers in your home, always make sure you buy bigger toys, and get rid of the ones that are too small and could pose a choking hazard.

  1. Xylitol


In recent years, there have been more and more studies and stories released regarding the dangers of xylitol. What is Xylitol? Well, it’s commonly found as an active ingredient in sugar free gum.

To many humans, gum is an innocent item that is often left on counter tops, tables, or in purses. To dogs, sugar free items actually contain enough lethal power to put them in a coma in just 30 minutes or less. Because there is such a danger to dogs, many dog owners have actually banned any form of sugar-free gum from their household.

Whatever you choose, just be aware that Xylitol is dangerous and must be away from your dog at all costs.

  1. Plastic Bags/Wrap


Plastic bags and plastic wrap is not just dangerous to adults and children, but also to dogs. This dangerous household object has the ability to suffocate a dog if not properly put away. Think about all the times you go grocery shopping and unpack all of the groceries. Do you throw grocery bags on the floor until you are finished unpacking? What might happen if your dog were to get a hold of one while you aren’t looking?

A dog does not understand the difference between a dangerous toy and a safe toy – only you do. Sadly, dogs actually enjoy the plastic because of the scent that is attracting them to the bag, and the rustling sound that it makes. Please, don’t allow your dog to play with or chew any form of plastic. Your best bet is to have a safe location where these items can be tucked away and that your dog cannot access.

When you are done with plastic bags or plastic wrap, throw them away where they are secure and where your dog can’t reach them, even if they try. You might think this is an extreme measure; however, are you really willing to risk your dog’s life?

  1. Rocks


Other than throwing, did you ever think that a rock could pose a serious threat? Well, they do. In fact, the fourth most dangerous household object to dogs are decorative rocks. To a dog, a rock is one of the single greatest threats to its life. Sadly, dogs have no idea how dangerous a rock can be. What a dog does know is that a rock smells strangely good when there are other scents around them. In addition, some dogs may also have PICA, which causes the dog to crave to eat such substances.

Today, people are not making it any easier for dogs. In fact, many dog owners are bringing more rocks into their house and around their backyards. If a dog is left unwatched for a short period of time, they might just attempt to eat or chew that rock. The lesson here, always watch your dog and don’t leave them unattended near any small or large rocks. The risk is simply too great.

  1. Children’s Toys


The next dangerous household object that every dog owner must be aware of are children’s toys. While we understand that this may not be applicable to every dog owner as not all of you have children around, much like small rocks there are other small items around your home that could be substituted in place of children’s toys.

Much like that of wrong sized toys, you never really want your dog playing with children’s toys. Children’s toys are normally smaller and easy for dogs to fit in their mouth, chew, and sometimes swallow. If you have children’s toys around the house, you want to make sure your dog does not have a chance to steal or eat these toys. If a dog happens to swallow a children’s toy it may cause them to choke or have bowel obstruction, which could lead to death or serious internal injuries.

We highly suggest averting this problem at all costs and do your best to keep small toys or other items out of reach of your dog.

  1. Your Bed


Who does not love when their dog sleeps on the bed? Well, actually, that is a loaded question; however, there are thousands of people that enjoy having their puppy sleep on their bed. You may be surprised to learn that your bed is one of the most dangerous household items for your dog’s health and life.

Beds can be quite high above the floor, and if nudged off the bed or from jumping on the bed, your dog’s legs, back, and soft tissue can get damaged. Today, many companies have come up with different ways to help dogs safely sleep on your bed with minimal risk. One of these ways is a dog ramp where the dog can simply walk up to the bed and walk off the bed without having to jump up or down. If the dog wants to get off the bed in the middle of the night for some water, they can simply walk down their personal steps. 

Consider Your Dog’s Life

Remember, a dog is essentially like a baby or child.  In many ways they don’t have the ability to comprehend the dangers around them and should be protected just as you would protect a child in that respect.