5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Pooch Fit and Avoid Dog Health Problems

At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we like to talk about the importance of putting your dog’s health and safety first. In other words, we want to avoid any and all dog health problems. One of the most important steps that any dog owner can take today to protect their dog’s health and prevent any dog health problems is by keeping up with their pooch’s fitness.

Now, keeping up with their fitness does not mean putting on a leash and going for a quick bathroom walk, or opening the back door and letting them outside. We are talking about fun and exciting ways to keep your pooch fit that will not only help your dog stay fit, but keep yourself fit as well!

You see, it’s time to add some flavor into your life and stop with the redundant and boring routines. Here are 5 Fun Ways to Keep your Pooch Fit for life!

  1. Stairs, Stairs, Stairs!


Ironically, we are not talking about your typical Dog Stairs or Ramps here. This is the perfect and fun way to keep your pooch fit. Stairs, Stairs, Stairs, is all about encouraging your dog to run up and down stairs to snag treats, toys, or whatever intrigues your dog. If you want to get your dog into shape quickly, this is the perfect exercise! Here is how it works!

  • Stand on top of the stairs with your puppy.
  • Show the toy or treat and allow them to sniff it.
  • Gently toss the toy or treat to the bottom of the steps.
  • Encourage and cheerlead your dog to retrieve the toy.
  • Rinse and repeat

After the fourth or fifth time doing this, your dog will start to get a little tired, so be sure to have clean and fresh water ready and waiting for them! Hey, if your dog can do this exercise, they would have no problem with a regular pair of dog stairs or ramps! Exercise like this is perfect to avoid any major dog health problems. 

  1. Bubbles!


Who doesn’t love bubbles! Like children, dogs are obsessed with these magical floating soap balls. For this fun way to keep your pooch fit, all you need is a bottle of bubbles! Now, of course, if you buy a regular bottle of bubbles, it’s okay; however, there are some impressive and unique bubbles out there specifically for dogs! In fact, there are companies out there that have even created bubbles that smell like bacon!

So, all you need to do is snag a bottle of bacon bubbles, grab some fun bubble wands and begin blowing bubbles outside with your dog. Just a small warning, for some dogs, they might not stop playing with the bubbles; it’s that much fun! You will be happy knowing how much fun your dog is having and avoiding dog health problems at the same time! 

  1. The Gauntlet


When you read the word “Gauntlet” you are probably imagining a dangerous or creepy room; however, this is quite the opposite. All we are talking about is creating a unique, fun, and safe obstacle course. This exercise is, without question, one of the best ways to keep your dog running and fit.

There is no need for you to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on different obstacle course kits. In fact, you can create your own obstacle kit with objects from your own home. Many dog owners have created fun and entertaining obstacle courses with the use of hula hoops, blankets, tables, cushions, soccer balls, and even brooms!

The point is to get creative and create an obstacle course that will challenge your dog both physically and mentally. If you want to avoid any major dog health problems in the future, this way is perfect! 

  1. Where’s My Treat!


Have you ever seen those dog treat commercials where the dogs can talk and they want their treat? Well, this fun way to keep your pooch fit is all about improving your their athleticism and their mental senses. Since dogs have such impressive noses, the objective of this game is to hide your dog’s favorite treats or toys around the house, or even outside.

Before you can hide the object, make sure you allow your dog to smell the treat or toy. This will serve as motivation and guidance as to what’s happening. After the treat or toy has been hidden, encourage your dog to find it. Don’t forget to praise your dog once they do find it! After one or two easy rounds, you can begin to scale up the difficulty. This could become a frequent and fun game!

  1. Flirt Pole


Flirt pole is by far one of the funniest ways that you can keep both you and your dog fit. Today, the idea of flirt pole is trending across the United States as many dog owners have discovered their dog’s secret obsessions with chasing toys and ropes.

For this game, you will want to prepare a wide-open space with zero distractions or safety concerns. Warning: there will be a lot of ruckus and running!

There are two different options to play flirt pole: you can either buy a flirt pole or create your own. To create your own, all you will need is a lengthy string or rope and tie a toy or treat to the end of it. From there, all you need to do is run away from your dog, hovering the rope over the ground.

The moment your dog sees you running away with a treat or toy, you can guarantee they will go crazy. This is an exercise routine that will keep your dog fit, and will also tire you out very quickly. In many cases, your dog may still be wanting to play when you are ready to surrender!

Take Your Dog’s Health Seriously

If you are planning on keeping your pooch around for a while, it’s important to take your dog’s health seriously. At Dog Stairs and Ramps, we are dedicated and passionate to providing you with new and different ways to protect your dog and keeping them healthy.

With these 5 fun ways to keep your pooch fit, you are taking action towards keeping your dog healthy, vibrant and youthful. For more on keeping your dog’s legs healthy and strong, check out this article here