dog happy

Keeping A Dog Happy and Healthy

Of course, ensuring your dog is dog-happy is important. However, ensuring your dog is healthy is crucial. Are you the type of dog owner that likes to spoil their dog with treats and all sorts of goodies? Did you know some of those treats may not be the healthiest things for your dog. This is why we came up with this guide of 3 different ways you can make your dog healthier and happier at the same exact time. That’s right! Can you imagine your dog being happy because you didn’t need to feed them something unhealthy? Let’s start off with number 1!

#1 Brushing Teeth

One way to make your dog healthier and happier is to do some work on their teeth. You can do this through implementing more phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D into their everyday diet. This will help strengthen their teeth and prevent gum disease in the future. On top of this, if you can begin a proper tooth brushing routine, your dog will be even healthier, and happier!

#2 Bones, Bones, Bones!

As your dog ages, their bones will not act the same way, especially if they are not on the right type of diet. It’s imperative that, at a very young age, you begin taking care of your dog’s bones. There are dozens of different food brands and companies that offer food supplements to help strengthen a dog’s bones. You can also choose to supplement fish oil and other dairy products to help too! From incorporating more foods with these ingredients or nutrients, your dog will not experience any major joint pain, keeping them healthier, and happier!

#3 Digestive Tract

Do you often think about your dog’s digestive tract? If you are not, it’s time to begin! By doing so, you are helping combat any risk of heart disease and many other sicknesses. What you need to do is begin incorporating more coconut oil and salmon oil in your dog’s diet. These two ingredients will work wonders for your dog’s skin, thyroid, and metabolism. So, if you want your dog to live a happier and healthier live, start incorporating more of these two powerful supplements.

A Healthy Diet Is Essential

If you can tell by glancing at the three different ways to make your dog healthier and happier, you might notice a commonalty between all three ways: a dog’s diet. By simply creating a stable and balanced diet that includes the majority of essential nutrients and minerals, your dog will naturally be healthier and happier, without having to incorporate any new foods. If you are not sure where you can begin, check out our list of best dog food brands of 2017. Here you will find companies offering balance diets in their food, making it a feasible option for you!