10 Essentials to Purchase Before Bringing Home a Brand New Puppy

If you are preparing to purchase and bring home a new brand new puppy, first and foremost, congratulations! This is probably one of the most exciting moments in your life. With that being said, you must be certain you do all of the thorough research and are prepared to bring home your brand-new pet. If you didn’t know already – all dogs, and puppies for this matter, are totally different!

However, what does remain the same for all dogs and puppies is what you need to purchase before bring them home for the first time. So, we put together an ultimate checklist of items to purchase before bringing home your brand-new puppy.

The Ultimate Checklist for a Puppy

The moment you walk into a pet store for the first time, you probably will be totally overwhelmed with the amount of dog products that are available. Now, this is completely natural, and hence why we created this guide. The goal is stay focused on the end goal and ensure your puppy’s basic needs are met before bringing them home. Let’s start with number one,


Before you can even think about bringing your puppy home, you need to think about their future food and water bowls. Now, there is a wide variety of different bowls available, from plastic, metal, porcelain, plastic, and many more. So, before you can purchase just any bowl, we recommend to purchase a bowls that cannot be easily destroyed. Chances are, when your puppy is teething, they might just find their food bowl or water bowl the next part of their appetite.

With that being said, the goal is to find a water and food bowl where the base of the bowl larger than the top itself. This way, the bowl will not tip over and make unwanted messes. In our opinion, Stainless Steel Bowls are standard and easy to clean. However, there are a few safety warnings to take note of with these bowls. If the stainless steel bowl comes with a rubber lining, take note of it when it starts to fall off. Another great option is a ceramic or porcelain bowl. These are study, durable and very easy to clean.


In most cases, the day you go to pick up your puppy, the breeder or owner most likely will already have a collar on the dog. This is great news in the sense that your new puppy will already be used to a collar. Now, if the puppy comes with collar or not, you still need to purchase a new collar. You will need to do some proper sizing and perhaps buy the next-size up since puppies grow so fast!

We also do recommend that new dog owners purchase a ID tag for their puppy. If you did not know, in many different locations, this is actually a legal requirement., especially in the United Kingdom. These are relatively cheap and should not be too much of a hassle.


Today, there is such a great debate on whether or not dogs should sleep on the owner’s bed. Regardless of what your opinion is, it’s still highly suggested to purchase a comfy dog bed for your puppy to sleep on. Like a human being has a bed, a dog deserves one too! When purchasing a doggy bed, try to find one this is machine washable, soft, and made of some fabric. Any baskets should be avoided at all costs! Keep in mind, dogs like to chew stuff!


It may sound obvious; however, sometimes, new dog owners get caught up in the rush and excitement that they forget to purchase dog Puppy food is imperative for the growth of your new pet. Now, you should always communicate with the breeder or previous owner what feeding habits they have being using with the puppy and whether or not it’s a safe bet to switch foods. In most cases, breeders will supply enough food for the puppy for a few days so you can purchase a fresh bag.

If you are interested in the best dog food brands available today, check out our other article here!


This is one of the most exciting purchases you get to make: puppy toys! This is where you will get to learn a bit about your puppy’s personality and what sorts of toys they like or dislike. Since puppies are still young and developing their senses, it’s essential to start off with softer and snug toys. This will give them something to pretend chew and have fun with. You may choose to purchase dog toys with different sounds or anything of that nature! Keep in mind, your dog, as time progresses, will go through the teething process. So, you will need to be attentive and know when its happening and how you can help. Sometimes, you may need to purchase additional puppy teething toys, all of which can be found at the dog store as well!


Another great essential worth purchasing for your brand new puppy is a crate. While, in the beginning, your puppy may not enjoy sitting in the crate, in due time, your dog will view their crate as their “safe haven” when you are not home. Chances are, if you begin training your dog with a crate, many of the other future training’s will be much, much easier.

Brush and Shampoo

No matter the type of puppy you are bringing home, it’s important to take care of their fur and hair. This is where a high-quality brush and shampoo will come into play. If you can begin training your puppy at an early age to be accustomed to a brush and shampoo, it will make life a lot easier down the road.

Puppy Pads

You might be wondering, what about when they go to the bathroom? Well, this is where Puppy Pads comes into play. For the first few weeks, it may be very difficult to train your puppy when and where to pee. The best thing you can do is purchase puppy pads, which will help during the potty training process, and alleviate any messes.

Dog Cleaning Sprays

Alongside the puppy pad note, your new puppy will go potty inside the house. Keep in mind, this is a total accident! You will be responsible for training them in the months to come to properly use the bathroom outside. Now, during the first few weeks when the accidents are occurring, you will want a fresh and dog-healthy cleaning spray to remove the pee and poop. You will be so grateful knowing you purchased this in advance!

Dog Training Manual

Are you a professional dog trainer? If you are not, you should consider purchasing a dog training manual or video-series to help when trying to train your puppy. Sometimes, dog owners get frustrated when their puppy is not properly being trained; however, to their surprise, the majority of the time, it’s the dog owners fault. With a proper manual, you can learn how to properly train your puppy in no time!